Views of a Western Reader - “In this country there are volumes of scholarly treatises available, but your books are for open-minded people with a Western (read: scientific) bent for whom the myriad complexities of Hindu rituals and Indian cultural anomalies are deterrents to further inquiry. I have had at least one such person read your books with the predictable result that they piqued his curiosity for more and gave him a frame of reference to view Hindu dharma….The simplicity, brevity and the straightforward presentation are the greatest asset of the books. They can be a bridge over a yawning gap in people’s perception and understanding.”

--Ms Kathlene M, Daniel, Texas, U.S.A.:--

Dilemma of a Youngster- “When I go to our temple, I do only what my parents tell me to do. I do not really know what I am doing. I just know what my parents tell me what I can and cannot do and I go about my business. That is the way I have known my religion for fifteen years. I have heard many children both my age and older, who say that they do not understand our religion very well either…Something must be done to help us better orient ourselves to our religion.” This observation of a young boy, which appeared in the journal, Temple Times of the Mahalakshmi Temple Society, USA, indicates the helplessness of the inquisitive youngsters in receiving answers from parents for their question about their heritage, calling for providing them awareness in updated terms.

--Temple Times of the Mahalakshmi Temple Society, USA--

A Need of the Time - “I looked at the book [Sri Ganesha] from the viewpoint of Hindu parents in US who face the challenge of teaching their children about their faith. School and college textbooks and reference material routinely feed misinformation about Hinduism. For these parents, Integral Books has undertaken a very much needed and timely endeavor indeed. It is an admirable treatise full of vast amount of pertinent information presented in the larger concept of theory and universal tenets of Hinduism, so that it all makes complete sense together - or as the young people would say, it all hangs together.”

--Dr.Ved Chowdury, USA.--

Inspiring Comment of an Educationist - “Srikant’s The Self: A Biological Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita Volume 1 is a brilliant interpretation of Gita that digs deep into the Hindu philosophy to connect Gita to the understanding of the Self in the universe. I have never seen such a meticulous connection of Gita to the Self. It adds richly to Gita’s message that I am sure will resonate all over the the world for a very long time.” -A.D. Amar, PhD, Chair (Pro tem) & Professor of Management (Knowledge/Innovation, Operations & Strategy), Stillman School of Business,650 Jubilee Hall, Seton Hall University, South Orange, NJ 07079, USA.

---A.D. Amar, PhD, Chair (Pro tem) & Professor of Management (Knowledge/Innovation, Operations & Strategy)--

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