About Us

Integral Books was conceived by Sri Srikant (Sri K. Balachandran Nair) in 1980, in Chennai and later, got shifted to Kanhangad, Kerala, India. He left for his heavenly abode in 2022. The reins of Integral Books was handed over to Shri Denny Thomas in 2019. Integral Books is the outcome of Srikanth’s inborn trend of spiritual quest. He dedicated his whole life for the studies and propagation of India’s spiritual wisdom.Through his publications, he explained the rationale of India’s inherited treasures of knowledge to the modern generation, inspiring them to imbibe the life-harmonizing values. Today, in this age of science and advanced technology, people are in pursuit of a philosophy of life that satisfies both the intellect and the demands of practical life. In the publications of Integral Books, you can find a concerted effort to cater to this need of the time. This precisely is the mission of Integral Books.

Team Behind Integral Books

(Late) K.B Nair (Srikant)

Founder (Managing Director)
The Founder & Publisher of

Integral Books
(24-04-1933 to 28-07-2022)
Srikant Sir's words in his Last days of life.-Video Gallery

M.K. Nandakumar
Unni Kattukulangara
Technical & Administrative Support
Adv. T M Raman Kartha
Legal Advisor

"Updated presentation of the rationale of India’s spiritual vision will inspire Science to shed its mechanistic stance and equip it with a ‘heart’ to utilize its liberating influence to help evolve a superior humanity. The effort of this mission is to contribute to the vital need of the emergence of a new Science of human possibilities that will help realize the perennial Vedic vision, Vasudhaiva kudumbakam – The world is One Family." The prime objective of our team is to spread the light of spiritual wisdom lit by the works of Srikant sir all over the world.